Wednesday, February 24, 2010

1st Cooking video ever! Mixed green salad + dressing

We are trying to add video clips of all kinds
of things to our newwebsite (launching March 1st).
So our first crack at was thisrecipe that relates to
this recent post on salads. Now, keep inmind that
this a very rough copy, but we need some feedback.

Tell us what you think!


Vause Family said...

What do I think? You're the best infomercial spokesperson ever! Love the salad too!

BASICS Sports Medicine said...

Overall = good.


Can you enhance the sound to reduce the fishbowl effect?

Move the camerae closer so people can see the details of the food more clearly.

Looking forward to more!

Lloyd said...

Very nice! Looking forward to more.

I agree about the sound, however. A wireless mic, perhaps. They're pretty reasonable, and you don't need a real fancy one.