Monday, October 26, 2009

Human Race 10K Video

Thanks to our rising video producers, Dave and Memphis, who work at Salt Lake Running as a day job, we have this vid of this weekends Human Race 10K!

A great time was had by all. As a business, we would like to thank Nike for offering this worldwide 10K and even sending some REALLY nice technical tees free of charge to those who registered. That is a generous give back by Nike for sure! And it was cool to see so many wearing them in the race. Gave it a united human family feel. Aren't we all in this race together?

The staff (and some of their families) enjoyed the opportunity too to set up a Salt Lake City free race location. It was a ton of fun to give people a chance to run just for the joy of it. No awards, no published results, just a 10K course, an aid station(where the kids where in fact NOT chained to the table), a free NICE shirt and friends. Even the weather held out. What a great day!

We hope that this becomes an annual tradition. If you were there and loved it, then let NIKE know. There is feedback tab to the right of the cool interactive world map that shows some of cities participation at this website:

We hope you come back next year...and bring your friends!

Monday, October 19, 2009

BJ's Kona Report 2009-In the heat of the moment, the heart does not forget.

Kona Report 2009, October 11, 2009

"You can learn a lot about life on the Big island of Hawaii." These are the words of notorious telecaster Al Trautwig. Never have these words rung more true for me than they did yesterday as I made my way to the finish line on Alii Drive. As I write my report on yesterday’s activi
ties I hope I will be able to capture the feelings and lessons I learned as I made my way over some of the most beautiful and harshest environment on all of Mother Earth.

The day was here the moment had arrived and I was feeling ready to perform on the world’s biggest stage. After checking things over on the bike I got my swim skin on that a few days before cut me pretty good on my ribs and knew it would only be worse after the swim today. I caught up to Chrystel gave her my love and with all the other athletes headed into the Pacific. The swim began like any before, a massive push where blows were traded and we swam like spawning salmon to the turnaround. I stayed calm and relaxed in the water and just kept a good steady stroke. I never felt like I was pushing too hard. I felt in control and was having a great race. When I got to the pier, everything was running according to plan. I had a quick transition and I was on my bike a few seconds over 1 hour. I saw Chrystel as I left gave her a quick smile and headed out.

My plan on the bike was to stay in control and then see if I could go harder after the turn at Hawi. But, even more important was making a push after the turn at Kawaihae on the way back to town. This entire week the wind has been blowing from north to south and as we made our way north it was doing just that. I thought to myself, “cool, then I will have a tail wind on the way back”. The wind changed and I had a headwind coming back into town. I realized that the wind here is not predictable other than you can expect it to be hard and above all else don't count on it staying the same. My bike leg was very frustrating from the go, I watched as packs of riders would go by and I would fall out of the draft zone only to be passed by another pack. I felt like everyone had more power than I did. The bike leg was the most painful ride I have had. I tried to pick up the pace but couldn’t. All my power was gone. I had nothing in me. I did not know what was wrong. By that point I was overwhelmed with a lot of negativity running through me and I was
doing my best to push it aside and concentrate on the marathon ahead. I kept thinking about what Chrystel told me, that all I could control was my attitude and I tried really hard to do so.

After finally getting off the bike, I proceeded through transition and got back to my natural environment. I ran well and in control, but I just could not get into my rhythm. Everything was off. I had moments of good pacing followed by moments of wanting to just walk to the finish. Thoughts of quitting even crossed my mind, but I could not let it go there. I went through highs and lows throughout the entire day. My thoughts had changed as my goals changed from my time goals to merely finishing and everything bad that was happening changed as I changed my perspective. I saw Chrystel on the run a few times and she was cheering me on to have a great run and telling me how good and strong I
looked. It helped me so much, but it wasn’t enough. Pretty soon my pace slowed as it did on the bike and there was nothing I could do about it. My body was not responding as I am used to it responding. It let me down and I did not know what to do about it. The pain was all consuming, I thought about my brother Doug at the Spud telling us “even my hair hurt” and I could relate to him at that time.

During my moments of deep pain, frustration, depression, and fear, in those dark times, I would change my thoughts to thoughts of gratitude and love. I was thankful for the volunteers’ who gave me words of encouragement and gave me food and fluid to keep me going. I was thankful for my loving wife who in spite of my imperfections has not quit on me and supported me as I pursue my passion. I was thankful for my wonderful son Will who always brings a smile to my face and is as easy going as they come. I was thankful to be there in the race that not many people get to do and to see truly great athletes perform majestically even when my situation was saying the conditions are too tough. I was thankful to my friends and family for their support. I focused on love as well. One of my fears was that my family and friends would be disappointed in me for not doing as well as I had prepared. I only needed to think of the love in my life and I knew they would not be and would be behind me even on my worst day.

The lessons I learn during my races are not different from the lessons in life. We have good and bad days and moments where we want to just walk or even quit. But during those times, if we take time to be grateful for what is good and focus on the love that is in all things, it will bring us out the pit of despair with renewed hope and spirit to soldier on because the finish line awaits. And no matter what kind of day you are having, it is sure to bring a smile to your face.

One of the most magical places on earth is the final stretch down ALII Drive. It is as if all of the problems and pain you were experiencing before are taken away and you find new life in yourself brought on by the cheering crowd and the finish line. If there is a heaven, I would imagine that it would be similar to finishing an Ironman where the highs and lows of life are gone and only the ultimate high awaits you as you cross the finish line. I say thank you to everyone for your love and support and I hope we can all find strength in each other to overcome any obstacle that comes our way.

Yesterday was a rough day. I never left the pain cave from the moment I got on the bike. I have no excuses, no injuries. I was not sick. Everything was just off. We all have good days and we all have bad days, and yesterday was the worse time to have one of those bad days, but it is what happened. I know I will keep playing the day in my head over and over again, trying to figure out what went wrong, what I could have done different to have a better day.

Now is the time to pick up the pieces and concentrate on the future and the great things to come. I am truly thankful for everyone in my life and all the support I have received. I feel I have let you down and feel such deep sadness.I am picking my head up and looking at 2010 as the year of redemption. I have a goal to come back to Kona and have a stellar race. I will. I know I can, and “All that I can, We will”.

Thank you,

Monday, October 12, 2009

Protein shakes for endurance athletes


If there is one thing that you should change about your current eating/post workout recovery habits, it would be the addition of protein shakes. A protein shake accomplishes many objectives at the same time.

First and foremost, it gives your body excellent building/recovery materials. Most people need to eat more raw fruit, more high quality protein and more Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s.) Shakes are an easy and tasty way to accomplish this. Also, by adding smoothies to your daily eating habits, you avoid the probable chemical laden/empty food that you would have eaten instead.

For post workout purposes, recovery shakes are a vital piece in the recovery puzzle. When your body finishes working out, the muscles have a 15-45 minute “glycogen window.” This window is your only chance to quickly restore your muscle’s glycogen levels quickly and easily. The whey protein combined with the fresh/frozen raw fruit will produce a slurry mixture that will hit the bloodstream much more quickly and restore the muscle and liver glycogen much more effectively than solid food choices that have no protein, ie..bagels, bananas. Adding the oil to the shake is extremely important in the area of reducing inflammation, supporting hormone chemistry and also repair work.

Make sure that after a workout your shake has about .5 grams of carbs per pound of body weight. The optimal recovery drink ratio is 4 grams of carbs to 1 gram of protein, so add up what you’re putting in the blender. The protein is easy to measure, but you will have to think through the carbs you have added. After a workout, it is common to need to use not just fruit, but fresh juice and or carbo pro(pure maltodextrin) or honey in order to get enough in.

Food may still be eaten and should be eaten post workout. But, drink the recovery shake first and then eat a meal (more carbs + protein) about 30-60 minutes after that depending on how long you worked out for, how much you weigh and how hungry you are. As a general rule, when exercising an hour or more, make sure to have a meal after you have had your recovery shake. The whole food meal should have similar carb content as the shake for those longer/harder days. On the shorter and easier days, sometimes a good thick shake will hold you for a couple of hours.

If you have not done a workout, you can still have a protein shake for breakfast, lunch or snack (leave out the carbo pro/honey) as they are just great meal replacements. If you try to purchase a smoothie from a smoothie bar, make sure you request to add enough protein to equal at least 20 grams and go without the frozen yogurt varieties. If you want to use the smoothie as a snack/meal replacement, then go with 1 gram of carb(or less) per 1 gram of protein. So that is basically one scoop of protein per piece of whole fruit(or 1 cup berries) used.
1-1.25 cups fresh or frozen fruit (20-25 grams carb)
1-2 scoops (~20-40 grams) whey protein isolate
1 cup liquid— distilled water, fresh juice
1-2 tablespoons flax seed oil
½-1 tsp vit C powder (calcium ascorbate) or EmergenC packet
*0-2 scoops Carbo pro (0-50grams) or raw honey

*Only post workout

Green food,
Super seed


Fresh or frozen fruit: Fruit contains the sugar fructose. Fructose is the only carbohydrate that will restore liver glycogen and is therefore an important ingredient. In season, local fresh fruit is always a good choice. At other times, frozen fruit is a great option. The cheapest source is Costco’s frozen fruit selection. These bags of fruit are also very good quality as they have been selling some organic blueberries in addition to strawberries and mixed berries. Another option is to peel, break into pieces, and freeze bananas in little ziplock bags. Freeze ¾- 1 whole banana per person per bag or double that if you are always fixing smoothies for two and have a blender that can handle the load. Experiment with fruit combinations to find ones you like. Fresh mangoes, pears and strawberries are great.

Whey protein isolate: A high quality protein that is easier to digest and lower in fat than other forms of protein. Whey protein is also cheaper, non heat damaged and uncontaminated form of protein as well. In order to rebuild muscle and repair cellular damage sustained during prolonged or intense exercise, one must eat sufficient amounts of protein not only after exercise, but throughout the day. There are many places that one can purchase whey protein. The prices vary according to the type of whey protein. Whey protein isolate is the highest quality and can run a little more money. Other whey proteins are blends of hydrosolates, isolates and filtered whey protein. These are still high quality protein sources, but realize that you get what you pay for. Locally, a brand that is economical and pretty good, although not completely isolates is Optimum Nutrition. 1 scoop (about 23 grams) works for many endurance athletes less than 150 lbs (use more if you weigh more.) On occasion, after extremely hard or very long events, one would use more protein.

Liquids: Distilled water is the first choice for a liquid. Sometimes adding soy milk will give the smoothie more of a creamy texture. Plain yogurt will do the trick also. After long workouts, fresh squeezed juice is a must. After a short day, you may not need juice. The preferred juice would be fresh squeezed grapefruits or oranges. Adds great zing, helps alkalize the blood and rev the metabolism. Please avoid using cows milk.

Flax Seed Oil: This oil supplies the Essential Fatty Acids. The dominant fatty acid in flax seed is Omega 3. Our food is filled with tons of omega 6 fatty acids, which are not completely bad, but most people end up with too much of it and not enough omega 3. The human body functions far better with large amounts of omega 3 fatty acids. The right fatty acids will be used by the body to build and maintain healthy cells, shorten recovery time, enhance growth, develop the brain, reduce inflammation, protect joints, provide materials to make hormones and increase your metabolic rate. One should buy flax seed oil sold in dark containers in the refrigerated sections of most any health food store. Use 1 TBS per 50 lbs of body weight per day as a general rule. Double that if you have an injury or inflammation.

Carbo pro: A powdered complex carbohydrate. After a long endurance activity of over 60 minutes, one needs more than the fruit and juice in the smoothie. In this case, adding some Carbo-Pro would be a great idea. This complex carbohydrate will help restore the muscle glycogen used during the aerobic activity. If your body weight is less than about 130, then 1 scoop may be enough. The heavier you are and/or farther you go, the more you will need (up to 3 scoops.) make sure to boost protein accordingly. This product can be purchased at the Salt Lake Running Co. You may also use raw local honey as an excellent carb source.

EmergenC, Green Food, Super Seed: These are all fabulous additions to any smoothie. Any one can use more of these nutrients. EmergenC greatly aids in recovery. Besides the vitamin C it always has, there are good amounts of potassium in it too. Green foods and Super Seed add grundles of good stuff to the smoothie. These items will turn your normal smoothie into a serious super food that will nourish and rebuild your body like nothing else can. These items can be found at any health food store.

Creatine and Glutamine: Many people who have heard of these associate them with bodybuilding. However, they play a great role for endurance athletes as well. These supplements greatly add recovery, increase muscle strength and bolster the immune system. These can be added in powdered form, measured using a teaspoon. Use 1tsp of glutamine twice a day. Refer to a creatine chart for proper dosage.


The blender is the most used tool in a healthy person’s kitchen. Investing in a good one is worth the money. Check for a blender that has metal teeth on the bottom of the jar that won’t strip out when blending frozen fruit. Hamilton Beach makes a decent one. The blender of all blenders is the Vitamix Super 5000. It is the same kind of blender used in the commercial smoothie business. The home models have a 7 year warranty and will not only blend anything, but last forever. You can also purchase a second dry blade jar to grind fresh grain into flour, or chop herbs. You must order this direct from Vitamix. You can also try the Blendtec blenders. Not too bad either although I still prefer the Vita mix.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Human Race Free 10K--Oct. 24th, 2009 Highland Dr. location

Salt Lake Running Company will be hosting a FREE 10K at the Highland Dr. Location in support of the Human Race 10K! It will be on October 24th at 9AM. You don't have to have the Nike tools in order to participate either, just come and celebrate running with other people all over the world on the same day! We even have some training runs to help you get ready if this is your first 10K or if you just want company during your training. See all the info below that will tell what the Human Race is, training runs available and an invite from our Nike Human Race ambassador. We hope to see you there rain, sleet or snow, beginner or experienced.

access points in cities all over the world while also bringing the event to every runner virtually through

Where will it be held?
The Nike+ Human Race will be held anywhere a registered Nike+ runner chooses to hit the pavement. More than 30 cities will have organized physical
races, but the Nike+ Human Race is truly open to everyone, everywhere. If you don’t live in a race city, just sign up at to participate. Simply use the Nike + iPod nano sport kit, the iPod touch™, iPhone™, or Nike+

Do you want your 10K total to add to the world count and you have Nike+ equipment?
Then register at the Nike Plus website.

To help you prepare, we have scheduled training runs every Saturday. Each training run will start and end at our Highland Dr. location and will be supported with mileage markers, water and gatorade, as well as Salt Lake Running Co. employees to answer your questions and offer guidance.
Oct. 3, 8:00am- 2-4 miles
Oct. 10, 8:00am- 3-5 miles
Oct. 17, 8:00am- 4-6 miles
Oct. 24, 9:00am- Nike+ Human Race 10k (YES, THE TIME IS 9AM ON RACE DAY)

Nike Ambassador