Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hero's of the Week


This year, like many others, we, the staff at SLRC, ventured down the Moab 1/2 marathon event over spring break. We have a great time working the expo, hanging out with people, running and mountain biking. This year was basically the same, with one exception.

During our venture home we found out that something happened to our cash box. Something serious. Like, it totally disappeared! Holding on to that thing was my responsibility and it was looking like, well, I had failed. Then a very comforting phone call came.

"My name is Dale and I live in Colorado. My wife and I were visiting Moab over the weekend and we came across something that we think belongs to you." As I listened I could not believe what I was hearing. "Yeah, we couldn't find a place to camp so we pulled over along the road to look at the map and figure out what to do, when Sally says, as she looked out the window, "There's money all over the ground." "

Anyway, to make a long story short, for 2 hours Dale and Sally gathered our missing cash from sagebrush and tumbleweeds and dumped it to their car. Because the wind had been blowing the money was literally all over the place. They worked hard and fast and I'm sure many people driving by wondered what was up and, lucky for us, nobody ever stopped to find out. Eventually, they even found our smashed flat cash box 1/4 mile down the road!

Not only did Dale and Sally find our money, they drove almost 500 miles (one way) to deliver it back to us. What a thrill is was to meet them and shake their hands and hear them tell their story. We made a great friendship and hope to see them again. In a time when the news hasn't much good to report we salute them for their honesty and diligence. And hope in the future we can pass along the favor. Thanks Dale and Sally, we are thankful and proud to know you.



Lindsey said...

Wow!! What a great story of good human nature. Thank you for sharing the positive story especially when so much in the world is no negative.

Tia said...

That is amazing! How did they know how to get a hold of you?
I love to hear stories like this!

Salt Lake Running said...

Our cash box had our name on it.


Jess said...

Aw maybe I need to lose my cash box to get them to come visit me too!! I guess that would also entail me obtaining a cash box to lose, but that could all be worked out. this is just one more reason why dale and salle are A-MAY-ZING!!! love you guys! :D

krystal_lynn said...

I've known Dale since elementary school, and this story does not surprise me one bit! They are an awesome couple with an adventursome spirit like I have never known elsewhere. What a blessing to hear this story of real honesty, and what an honor to them for you sharing it!

parrish said...

hi guys!! this is your family!!! we are so proud of ya'll and love you so much! you are the BEST!!!